Our equipment is suitable for both large and small events, whether it be a conference, seminar or meeting. As acoustical consultants, we help you find the right equipment to suit your event. 

We guarantee that the job will be well done from start to finish. 

Proven Technology.

Our interpretation equipment from leading brands in the industry and has been approved by parliament and businesses worldwide. The equipment is also very user friendly and has a unique and unobtrusive design. AV Audio Service may provide equipment for up to 31 languages. 


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Interpretation equipment

-Equipped Interpreterbooths.
-Wireless receievers with headphones.
-IR-radiators for wireless transmission.

Equipment from

 -Bosch, Next Generation.
- Audipack, booths.
- Sennheiser, Tourgiude.


Silent meetings

Our IR-equipment can be used for silent meetings.

Whispering interpreter

The Tourguide kit is an mobile solution for translation or guiding purposes.
It handles up to six channels.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the world wide solution for meetings and discussions between different languages.